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First of all: thank you dear visitor for visiting the blog of our company!

This is a first brief post in order to explain a bit further who we are and what we will write about here in the future.

What is BRGD?
We are a small team with a large experience in projects on education and culture all over Europe. We design, create and manage local or international projects, grant funded or not, for our partners or for ourselves. No matter the type of collaboration, we always focus on the creation of innovative solutions for the educational challenges faced by all the stakeholders of the sector or topic.

Currently we are managing or collaborating on 8 different projects related to the following topic: learning disorders, inclusion in youth work, digital publishing, educational videogames, support of teachers of special schools and non-formal approach of mathematics both in schools and in museums.

What will we talk about on this blog?
Thanks to social media (Twitter), we will be able to share briefly projects, good practices and trends of interests but, as Twitter doesn’t allow to present elements in details, we wanted to create a space to describe some of those more in details.
Which is why, on this blog, you will find more in-depth content such as detailed presentation of interesting projects, ours or not, our current working plans concerning possibilities from education trends: project based learning, digital publications, new pedagogies, chatbots, VR/AR, etc.

If you are curious about a topic that you do not find above but that you think will be relevant for this blog or if you want to discuss about a possible collaboration or yours need, don’t hesitate to comment here or to contact us at
We hope you will enjoy the future reads

Best regards,
The BRGD team



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