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Summer is a good time to reflect back on the work you have completed during the first half of the year: you do deserve to earn your successes and get all fueled up for the rest of the year. For us, it is a particularly good time to reflect back on what we have accomplished so far on the preparation of MoocDys, as we are have been working hard on developing the content. If you are an education professional or if you have students with learning disorders (facing dyspraxia, dysgraphia, dyslexia, etc), we strongly advise you to add following our MOOC in your bucket list this autumn!

The past few months have been very intensive. We filled them with hours of research, ideas for content development and brainstorming sessions. All this work has led to this moment: we are ready to build our first massive online open course focused on learning disorders. It’s exciting!

Here are a few words about the project first: MoocDys is a KA2 Erasmus+ project built in partnership with Formation 3.0 (France), CiviForm (Italy), Rede DLBC Lisboa (Portugal), KEDDY (Greece) and University of Pitesti (Romania). This international and multilingual MOOC will:

  • raise awareness about learning disorders and create a better understanding of the difficulties faced by people with DCD and their families
  • provide reliable information on how to cope with obstacles in daily life and at school
  • provide free and ready-to-use resources for families as well as for teachers
  • create a space of expression for all the persons involved in those subjects
  • bring testimonies of people who succeeded in inventing strategies to cope with those situations

Why are we building such a project? Every day, we witness a lack of awareness and training of the appropriate staffs (teachers, trainers, educators) that causes a lot of perfectly capable youngsters to underperform at school. Their might even fail or quit school, or be reoriented in directions that are not suitable to their condition, such as most of the VET orientation, almost by default. This situation causes enormous stress in families, and this stress sometimes turns into anger towards the education system and towards the teachers, especially on social media. Several parents’ groups have been created as the only place where they can share information and stories and often find suitable support for their children. We truly believe that our MOOC will have a positive impact and help to change this situation.

Beside the online course, we will also prepare an online platform with a library of OER (Open Educational Resources) for parents and youngsters:

  • A toolbox of tips and tricks for dys pupils and their families
  • Supporting tools for teachers and organizations

It is going to be very productive August and we will do our best to provide high quality material. Keep your fingers crossed!

If you want to know more and make sure to have up to date news about this project, you can check the website here:


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