#tutorbot: News from Berlin about a new virtual tutor!

#tutorbot is a new hashtag that young people and their teachers need to keep an eye on: a new international project has been created for “Tutorbot for VET”, funded by Erasmus+, whose aim is to create 4 chatbots that function as an innovative support to the learning and development of skills of students in post-diploma training courses.

Since tutoring, help and advice during a training course are decisive to ensure effective learning, Tutorbot will be an ideal tool to provide a constant and personalized accompaniment to the young people being trained. It will act as a virtual and automated assistant capable of interacting in a normal chat conversation and responding to learning needs thanks to the protocols of machine learning and natural language processing.

Project meeting in Berlin

What can you ask to tutorbot?

For example:

  • how to deepen a topic of the course,
  • or how to find out new information about something you heard in class,
  • or details about your training and maybe a test to verify that you have grasped the main points.

The conversation with #tutorbot will be agile and will allow you to find new ideas to continue your educational journey.

The development of the chatbot wanted by the project “Tutorbot for VET” began on 16 and 17 October in Berlin where the project partners were hosted by the Grone training centre, to start work with the coordination of the French digital development agency Edulog.

Soon many news! Stay updated online by following the tag #tutorbot!

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